Coffee Reflections

As I sit in my comfy chair and drink from my warm cuppa coffee, I look out the hotel window and contemplate life. It’s not too early on this overcast Sunday morning… 7:40. The roads are wet, so I know it has rained overnight.

So many times I have come in and out of hotel rooms and rarely even bothered To open up the curtains. To take a minute and enjoy the surroundings and see where I am at.

Its time to slow down. Notice the small things. This little hotel has the perfect vantage point. This little alcove with two chairs and a long window to relax before the day ahead.

What a precious way to start my week. I came to Oakland a bit nervous. It was one of those events that I was excited to say yes to, and then for weeks I second-guessed my decision.

In fact, this past week I whole-heartedly regretted it. Had I not been doing a small workshop presentation I would have cancelled my attendance at the last minute. Feigned an illness or some other excuse. I have many, I’ve done it plenty of times before.

Instead I persevered through and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. That is where the growth happens. I didn’t isolate in the room, I made efforts to talk to people. I went to dinner with the group instead of isolating… talking to people, enjoying their company and amazing new food. When I got back to the hotel I went for a walk and shopped by myself.

And now this morning I type this as I sit in that beautiful alcove with the curtains wide open and the sun finally starting to come through the clouds.

That’s how I feel… like I am finally starting to come through clouds. That I am pushing myself towards growth that I have resisted without being aware I was doing it. I want fullness of life to be able to radiate to others. I want a positive energy to flow through me and touch others. I just want to walk in that love that others see and feel.

Ultimately I want to uncover the joy to find happiness beyond measure.


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Uncovering the joy within... one day at a time. 💕

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