Memories on Facebook… sometimes good and sometimes oh, so bad! Today this is what popped up as I opened my timeline up… “Do not let your present day circumstances or hardships which are overwhelming let you ever forget that God has a purpose and plan for your life.”

Can I tell you how blessed I am? For years, as in over one third of a century, I spent so many days crying out to God, “why have you failed me? What did I do to deserve this life?” If I am truly honest about the timeline, it is probably closer to half a century. 😳.

Today I am learning to dance in the rain. To enjoy life wherever I am at. To see failures as learning opportunities to bring me closer to success.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times I want to give up. I will shake my fist at God and be angry, but I find that dancing in the rain is far more fun than walking through it with my head down and scurrying to my car.

That is where the trust comes in. The faith that no matter what happens, everything is going to be okay. I look at my life and see that so far that has been the case. My life has not been on the trajectory I had planned, but it has all worked out. And with my story, I can hopefully help others.

I find that I am blessed. Most moments I am happy, which means that nearly everyday ends up being a good day! My attitude on life has changed. I am continuing to uncover joy wherever I go.


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Uncovering the joy within... one day at a time. 💕

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