Adventure is out there!

Challenge accepted… Five places I want to visit… and go! So get in, sit down, and buckle up. We are in for the “road trip of a lifetime”!

I’m not quite sure I have a particular order for my list, but we will be going from one extreme to another. And the top of my list is: Ireland!

County Cork, Ireland (photo Courtesy Pinterest)

County Cork, Ireland… picturesque, Quaint. What more could you ask for? Magical, fairytale village that whisks you back in time. This actually does too my bucket list. Anywhere in Ireland does, actually. To be amongst my distant relatives and enjoy a day in their life. It really would be a dream come true.

Machu Pichu, Peru

Machu Pichu, Peru comes in a close second after Ireland… one of those once hidden gems, Machu Pichu is now rather touristy in nature, with thousands of visitors per day traipsing through the ruins. I still find it fascinating and would love the opportunity to hike around and perhaps get up close to an authentic Peruvian llama.

It would be a dream come true to hike in to Machu Pichu on the Incan Trail… with six months notice and approximately $500 for the tour, I can apply for 1 of the 200 daily slots. Perhaps one day I will mark this off my list!

Fall Foliage and Covered Bridges New England Style (courtesy of Pinterest)

Bringing it closer to home is trip number three… A fall foliage and covered bridges road trip in New England.

I think it would be amazing to take a long weekend or a a full week to drive around New England and explore the beauty of the historical bridges and be amazed by the glorious fall colors.

Mount Rushmore, Montana

Call me patriotic, call me sentimental… but I really want to see these four heads! Not to mention the work in progress statue of Crazy Horse that is not too far from Mount Rushmore. it has been a dream of mine for quite some time and I believe it is becoming closer to reality. To think that all of this has been made by dynamite and chiseling is just inspiring.

The final item on my top five is located across the northern border into Canada. Dear sweet Victoria, Canada.

High Tea, Empress Hotel, Victoria Canada

High tea at the Empress Hotel…. if I could cross that off my bucket list, I do think my life would be complete. Even a day trip into Victoria from my favorite city of Seattle would make this trip work it. One day I will make it. My dreams will become reality!

So there you have it… my top five. They turned out to be in a rather specific order. I believe that one day I will cross each and every one of these items off my list. I will continue to uncover my joy, and I challenge you to do the same!


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