Truth Uncovered

I ran over to my blog with a desperate urge to spew out my thoughts. I want to angrily type out what I just read. How we tear each other apart instead of stand together. How THAT is the problem. Why can’t they see it… when we continually attack each other and berate one another, we continue to go down the drain instead of coming together in a united front.

And then it hit me… I was doing the same thing… by judging them and wanting to come here and call them out, I was going to do the same exact thing…

Pride, ego… is it me wanting to make myself look better… that I am more grandiose and on a higher plane than the rest of the world? Please!

Kum-ba-ya! Let’s just let others live. I want to love and be loved. I want the best for those around me and the only way this will happen is for me to assume the best and see the best in them. This is so much harder than it seems!

I’m learning to stop the poison pen… to stop my venomous tongue from lashing out. When my thoughts go dark, I “flip my script” and go as positive as possible.

It’s so important that I emit as much love as possible. I want to continue to uncover joy in my life so you will also have more joy in yours!


Published by joyuncovered

Uncovering the joy within... one day at a time. 💕

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