Quiet the Thoughts…

As I am waking up this morning I have that bit of trepidation. Last night was a bit rough. For some reason I tossed and turned. It’s not like me, I typically sleep relatively well. I had time to sleep in this morning, but instead chose to do some reading and writing.

Looking into it a bit deeper, I suspect it has to do with changes. I want to say the hormonal changes of aging… hot flashes, peri-menopause, all that fun stuff. But instead I believe it is circumstances that arise as situations unfold.

Instead of beating around the bush further, I will lay my cards out… I have the unpleasant task of determining if someone stays within our department, or ultimately leaves our company.

At times it looks like an easy choice. And then I take a personal approach and realize this is someone’s livelihood…

YesterdayI put it in black and white. I went line by line with all staff to see how everyone compares. Appointment by appointment, duty by duty…

That muddied the waters a bit. It’s not so clear cut at that point. So more work has to be done. In a way I am grateful I am not making a rash decision, but I can’t prolong it, either.

These thoughts wrestle around in my brain, so I read and I write. And my reading reminds me that if I sit quietly and be still, perhaps that intuitive thought may come. The answer may come if I can quiet my brain enough and listen for it.

That’s the goal today. To seek some peace and quiet as I go through my work day. These things always work out. I will continue to uncover my joy as I journey down my road…

~ amiee

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