Self Love

For far too long I have settled… Settled for the crumbs of second best. Waiting ever so patiently for someone to take notice of me. Giving more in many ways. Sitting back and watching as those around jump up for others while they make little to no effort for me.

I grew up in that atmosphere and I tend to attract it. It is an amazing epiphany to find the light. To have my eyes open and see the truth.

I won’t cast blame on others. There is a powerful saying “you teach others how to treat you.” Perhaps I had little to no choice as a child but I do now.

Healing will not be an easy process. This first step has been remarkable and will make a huge impact on my journey. I have been journaling daily and writing lists of qualities I want in those around me. I take those lists and absorb those into goals of who I want to grow to be myself.

Self love is a great attribute. When I don’t love and value myself it opens the doorway for others to devalue me. I will never be able to allow love in or feel safe enough to show others the real me.

I also realize that it’s okay to let others go. Some people are only here for a season. This is my only chance at life and I want it to be the most amazing one ever. I want to be surrounded by love and by people who will fight my battles with me, not against me.

Today I set out to uncover my joy…


Published by joyuncovered

Uncovering the joy within... one day at a time. 💕

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