Ms. Pelosi… Open Us Up!

Dear Ms. Pelosi,

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a fan of yours. I did not vote for you, nor do I think I ever would, even though I am in your home state. And after what I have seen from your behavior in the face of this “pandemic”, I will do everything in my power to vote you out of office in future elections.

I believe that you are holding this country hostage. Yourself and other lawmakers like you that have this zeitgeist attitude that we, the people of this great nation, can no longer make qualified decisions on our own behalf, and that we should have no say in our economic and health future.

Once again I see you shrieking in glee that you and “your party” will not help those that you have imprisoned in this economic crisis… you put America on lockdown, you refuse to let industries open and function freely so millions can go back to work… and now you gleefully cry out that you want “more and more and more” from the president and the stimulus bill that you hold in limbo.

Let me speak for myself… Eight months ago I was living the American dream. I had a good job and was looking around to see if it would be advantageous to make a career move. I have worked my way into an economic position that I am a home owner, I have standard bills, I am a mid-level professional, and I made a leap to finish my education to enhance my earning potential.

Seven months ago paranoia started and the isolations began. Businesses had to re-structure, but I was one of the lucky ones… As a healthcare worker, I was considered essential, and had continued work. Until I didn’t. Six months ago it hit me… my department (health education) was laid off permanently as a direct result of Covid-19 and the stay at home orders. I was immediately unemployed at 38% of my current salary. I thank God there was the extra Covid stimulus package in place.

Over the past six months I have submitted over 150 resumes and applications. I have had 6 follow ups on those with no job offers. The stimulus dollars are gone, the presidential band aid is gone, and now Congress is keeping myself and millions of other Americans on hold as they play their political games during an election year.

To top it off, dear Nancy, you showed myself and others how safe it is to be out and about in this world without a mask when you decided to go to the beauty parlor and walk around with your mask around your neck. How dare you! The average American is sitting with their life on hold and you get to use your political clout to play spa day and then blame Trump for setting you up? Oh, and let’s not forget that your longtime hair stylist has now joined those of us “on the dole” since your loyal followers threatened her enough that she had to close her doors.

I’m done, Nancy. I’m tired of people like you who say you have our best interests at heart when you are really out for yourself. Stop making this about politics and do this for the people! Open up the businesses, settle on a manageable stimulus, let us move forward! It’s time!

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