Cinco de Try-O

I can go two ways… I’m either all in or all out. I never seem to be able to find the middle ground on anything. You know… balanced. The thing I am not, although I would like to find it! I flipped the calendar over and lo and behold we are already into May. MyContinue reading “Cinco de Try-O”

New Reality

Today is a new day. I woke up and my new reality set it. The world has set its course on a new trajectory… It still startles me at times to go to the market and wait in line just to be able to walk inside the store. To walk around the aisles and seeContinue reading “New Reality”

Self Love

For far too long I have settled… Settled for the crumbs of second best. Waiting ever so patiently for someone to take notice of me. Giving more in many ways. Sitting back and watching as those around jump up for others while they make little to no effort for me. I grew up in thatContinue reading “Self Love”


Day 3 of the frenzy… what kind of chaos are we living in? I walk into the stores and the shelves are a barren wasteland. The lines at the gas stations are beginning to look like this from the 1970’s gas rationing days. I can’t help but wonder why? Should I be concerned? Am IContinue reading “Frenzy”

Quiet the Thoughts…

As I am waking up this morning I have that bit of trepidation. Last night was a bit rough. For some reason I tossed and turned. It’s not like me, I typically sleep relatively well. I had time to sleep in this morning, but instead chose to do some reading and writing. Looking into itContinue reading “Quiet the Thoughts…”

Truth Uncovered

I ran over to my blog with a desperate urge to spew out my thoughts. I want to angrily type out what I just read. How we tear each other apart instead of stand together. How THAT is the problem. Why can’t they see it… when we continually attack each other and berate one another,Continue reading “Truth Uncovered”

Be True

Sometimes I get off track… I have these brilliant ideas to write for the masses in hopes to make it big. That I will “be discovered” and get to “quit the day job” and do this for the rest of my life. I have dreams of traveling around in a little RV… Pulling into variousContinue reading “Be True”

Adventure is out there!

Challenge accepted… Five places I want to visit… and go! So get in, sit down, and buckle up. We are in for the “road trip of a lifetime”! I’m not quite sure I have a particular order for my list, but we will be going from one extreme to another. And the top of myContinue reading “Adventure is out there!”

The Road to Joy

In 1915 Robert Frost wrote one of his most famous poems ever. It started out merely as a joke to one of his dear friends and walking buddies, Edward Thomas, who often-times was unable to decide which path to go down on their afternoon strolls. “The Road not Taken” has been quoted in graduation speeches,Continue reading “The Road to Joy”


Memories on Facebook… sometimes good and sometimes oh, so bad! Today this is what popped up as I opened my timeline up… “Do not let your present day circumstances or hardships which are overwhelming let you ever forget that God has a purpose and plan for your life.” Can I tell you how blessed IContinue reading “Purpose”